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                      Key word:BG - series fully automatic filling sealing machine The MAP - fresh machine series boxes
                      The most innovative ability of enterprise in the industry
                      Food machinery research and development and production for many years, strong technical force, rich experience
                      Over the years, companies have been engaged in high precision automatic filling machine, packaging machine, labeling machine, beverage filling machine and other mechanical equipment research and development and production, from the design of the hardware to software development, we have rich technology and experience......
                      Each parts according to high standard....
                      Each parts elaborate design, material, can be ....
                      Each parts according to high standard production, material fastidious, each device we are carefully designed, carefully manufacturing, can be customized according to customer's actual demand, we provide each customer with the best quality products. ......
                      Our company is a domestic industry returns the highest rate of enterprises
                      Our company is engaged in food machinery for many years, experienced, strong technical force, the mechanical properties of the product is reliable, beautiful appearance, guarantees the quality of product. Well received by customers at home and abroad. We always put the customer's satisfaction as our first aim forever. The fitting for machinery is the returns rate of domestic industries.
                      Perfect after-sale service, can save a lot of problems in the shortest time for you!
                      After-sales service is the enterprise to show to the customer a kind of integrity, the concept of responsible, perfect service mechanism is the foundation of enterprise development for a long time. Established a perfect after-sale service system, for customers to use the company's products have no trouble back at home and do my best.....
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                      • The production workshop
                      • The production workshop
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                      ABOUT US 走進滬華機械
                      Wenzhou machinery electrical co., LTD
                      Wenzhou machinery electrical co., LTD. Is a Shanghai China has over 20 years experience in manufacturing industrial company, a professional research and development production of packaging machinery, products related to food and beverage management areas of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and stationery.....
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                      Plastic bags sealing machine equipment introduction
                      Plastic bags sealing machine equipment introduction Wrapping package equipment: in addition to plastic film wrapping package equipment, development of origami wrapping package ...
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